GOFIT Body Comp Scale NO SIZE


Know more about your weight and health. This Body Comp scale provides a more in-depth picture, calculating your body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass and offering a calorie analysis through its advanced platform, which further factors in your age, height, gender, and activity level. With all figures clearly displayed, the scale offers enough memory to store data for 10 individuals.

  • Ultra-thin design has a tempered glass platform, stainless steel sensors, and a digital blue-light display
  • Easy to store
  • Estimates body fat, water percentage, and muscle mass to 0.1% graduation
  • Estimates bone density to 0.2 lbs.
  • 397 lbs. max capacity in 0.2 lb. increments
  • Memory for 10 users
  • Measures 11.75 in. by 11.75 in. by 0.875 in.
  • Comes with an operations manual and two AAA batteries
  • Note: Do not use scale if you have a pacemaker or other internal medical device or if you are pregnant
  • Imported

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