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Slip Resistant


Slip-resistant work boots have outsoles built with materials and tread designs that prevent slip-and-fall accidents on dry floors as well as floors covered in water, oil and other contaminates. Slip resistance is a measure of a work boot’s coefficient of friction, with a range of 0.0 to 1.0—a higher rating means more secure footing.



Insulated work boots use linings to trap heat without adding excessive bulk or weight. The linings are measured in terms of their gram rating, usually ranging from 100g–1,000g. If you work in cold conditions but are always on the move generating body heat, consider a boot with a lining rated in the 100g–250g range. For stationary jobs in the extreme cold, look for an insulated work boot lining in the 750g–1,000g range.

Safety Toe


Safety toe work boots have an internal toe cap that protects against compression and impact injuries. The toe caps are made with either steel or composite materials. Steel-toe work boots are less expensive than composite-toe work boots, but they are also heavier and may conduct heat or cold. Composite-toe work boots are lighter, they don’t conduct heat or cold and they won’t set off metal detectors.



Waterproof work boots feature waterproof materials and usually have a thin, waterproof lining. Look for work boots that are breathable and feature moisture-wicking and anti-microbial technology to keep you comfortable without trapping moisture and sweat.

Electrical Hazard


Electrical hazard work boots feature thick, insulative outsoles that greatly reduce the flow of electricity from the ground to the boot, protecting the wearer against electrocution and other electrical hazards. Look for the sewn-in label showing they are tested and approved by American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). Electricians and linesmen are required by OSHA to wear electrical hazard rated work boots.

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