Payment Options

Accepted Forms of Payment

Shopping with us is easy and secure every step of the way. For your convenience we accept the following forms of payment:

  • U.S./Canadian-based credit & debit cards through American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa
  • PayPal
  • Bob’s Stores Gift Cards, Merchandise Credits and eGift Cards (Currently redeemable in-store only.)

Payment Timing

Credit Card Purchases

When you place an order, contacts your issuing bank to confirm the validity of the payment method. At this time, your bank reserves the funds until your order ships or the authorization expires. Your bank account may show the charge as “pending” or “authorized” at this stage. The actual charge will take place when your order ships. If you have multiple items in your order, you may see separate charges for some or all of your order. This is because we may ship your order from multiple locations, and charge you only for the portion of your order that ships. Any applicable shipping charges will be charged to your order when the first item ships.

PayPal Purchases

Payment timing through PayPal may vary based on your individual PayPal account. Please login to your PayPal account to view their policy directly.

Dispute a Charge

If you see a charge on your credit card statement that you did not authorize, report those charges to your issuing bank as quickly as possible.  Oftentimes, such charges result from a stolen credit card or a compromised card number, and reporting the issue to your bank is the fastest and safest route to resolve.  Before reporting the charges, make sure they weren’t made by a joint account holder or other authorized user on your account.